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Advanced Concurrency Topic:
Runtime Deadlock Detection XVII
Treetorplus2 and Treetor Functional Requirements 05
Forest Ministry
Treetor now can render simply forest or basic tree operations. We realease Treetorplus2 treetorplus2.jar,treetorLicesnse.txt


Advanced Concurrency Topic:
Runtime Deadlock Detection XVIII
Treetoplus2 Forest Ministry Test Case
Test case of rendering a very simple forest:
Advanced Concurrency Topic:
Runtime Deadlock Detection XIX
Visualization of an Imaginary Concurrency Event
We spent much effort to implement functional requirement 05. What is the purpose for doing such? We attach the following program to show an imaginary concurrent event, which is figured out by the author.
If you would give a name of such event, what will it be?
Such event is good or bad?
In coming episodes, we are going to build real concurrent prototypes to demonstrate such behavior. We may or may not.
Have we demostrated a solution for such behavior in our previous coding projects, implicitly or explicitly?
Please leave your comment!

An imaginary concurrency event, good or bad? What are you trying to do?

Advanced Concurrency Topic:
Runtime Deadlock Detection XX
Visualization Results of XIX



LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221151153.pngFigure 01

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221151485.pngFigure 02

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221151575.pngFigure 03

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221151674.pngFigure 04

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221151779.pngFigure 05

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221151870.pngFigure 06

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221151972.pngFigure 07

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221152073.pngFigure 08

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221152173.pngFigure 09

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221152269.pngFigure 10

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221152378.pngFigure 11

LIVELOCK_TEST20121118-221152458.pngFigure 12