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QTPlaut is a program that can read multiple AUTO solutions. The solutions can be interpolated by the Lagrange interpolation method. The interpolated results can be put together into a ‘.mlf’ file. The core of QTPlaut is the interpolations or simplifications by GUI. Such operations are possible by the frequent usage of dynamic memory allocation of templated C++ programming. QTPlaut Win32-binary EXE is put online, on Jan 15,2011. For install under Microsoft Windows and only, download the binary/EXE file. If some DLLs are required, please google 'vcredist 2010', download and install. Then execute the binary.
PIC02_QTPlautColor.png For QT developer: the source code is here source code. A kaopoo/practical in-hand story is -- Visual C++ 2010 express, QT 4.7.1.(configure static, nmake).We also put the beta version user manual in pdf form here. An AUTO solution we select is the Lorenz Manifold. More are coming. The file 's15.zip' has to be unzipped as 's.15'. According to a filter all files should begin with 's.' something. A shortcut to play with the 's.15' is: click 'add a solution', click 'scene tool', click 'Construct a manifold'. The Lorenz manifold is computed by AUTO .