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Review on Feb 7,2011: the problem was set hands upon around 2009. There are different approaches. Our Index Permutaion+ Multithreading approach is boosted greatly by some users @cs.mitbbs on locality. The problem also was first contacted @math.mitbbs.

Dec 14,2010. A review of the magic hexagon problem. C/C++ source.
It is a pure mathematical/arithmatic problem. It is a linear system of nineteen unknowns. The system's rank is twelve. Our solution is generating seven permutation of nineteen numbers and testing them from the fifteen equations system, using Index Permutation. The source code above is a pure C code. If you are interested, you will study it, and vice versa.

The first solutions are put online on Jan 25, 2010. Further reference please read Magic Hexagon .
The first solutions:
- Visual C++ implementation, multithread Source1.cpp
- .net implementation, multithread+mutex maindotnet.cpp