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Course project for COMP 353/451. An online bargain system, it can provide barter, auction and sales services. The first version uses Oracle database. The second version uses My-SQL. The Web programming is done with PHP. First in COMP 353, a Oracle/PHP website for an online barter website, group work. In COMP 451, it is migrated to MySQL/Linux and optimized. More features are added, like upload pics, paging of the search results, script optimization. It can perform some real bargains: sell/auction/barter and tested, single work.

1. A general user browsing interface


2. A primitive auditor interface -- if you are familiar with hotel IT system.


This project is too big and too complex. It is quite hard for an individual work. I should try to find some time to make it better. While, it works-- barter/auction/sell. arter/auction/sell.